Silencing the Guns in the Horn of Africa and Setting Loud Mode in The Home is in the Making


January 16, 2018

By Abdiaziz Ali

It is known that since Prime Minister Dr. Abyi Ahmed came to office, started his visit outside his country he leads into the neighbor countries including the Horn of Africa. In his first months in the office, he did what has become almost a trademark move, the beaming young leader of Africa’s second largest country nation hugged Eritrea president Afowerki, the autocratic president.

Mr. Ahmed unreservedly sent a message to the most isolated country in Africa if not the world, of what has not come to any Mans mind in Ethiopia let alone to their relative and relationship ‘’ Tigray’’ divided by borders after the divorce in the 1990s.  Mr. Ahmed took that brave Stretch his hand up to the shores of Mosab, Asab and the tide of the sea, which means a lot for this very landlocked country of Ethiopia.

Have no doubt that Eritrea regime saw this opportunity like no other in the history of this country that fought together in the border area which many young brave soldiers lost their lives, while others are dealing with disability which Somalis takes highest shares of the above-mentioned causality as Abiy said in his sworn ceremony in front of the MPs.

I remember and of course, came to my mind while writing this piece when the war broke between the two countries in the 1990s were happening. What I remember most at that time is, the notorious voice of late Mohmmed Hussein Giire from Ethiopian Radio and the different songs they aired like as motive for the Brave Somalis in the battlefields narrates by uncle Abdi Kamil Cawaale may God Bless them in peace in the Jannah Aamiin, with the toning of the ILays band led by Adan Mohamed (Adan Aboo). Like; Hala Shamareeree Shuba oo Wacdara Dhiga..meaning you need to teach a lesson to Shabiya(Eritrea)

After different Visits to each other’s Country and selected committee supposed to do a feasibility study of what late called ALGIERS TREATY. The movement started from Airline to the restoring of family linkages for almost decades.

After bringing Eritrea in the scene of Africa and outside world, grabbed the attention of the political change of PM Ahmed. Then he brought the horn together from Djibouti Very enemy of Eritrea to Somali ad these two countries later singed Alger’s Treaty. All the above-mentioned steps where we’re contributing AFRICAS SILENCING THE GUNS, OWNING THE FUTURE REALISING A CONFLICT FREE AFRICA AMBESOUS PLAN AND ACCORD OF 2020.

Mr. Ahmed has got in touch intimate with Ethiopian opposition figures from releasing Jails and inviting Home others outside the country. These signals symbolized his inclusion approach since becoming the top job of the country in April 2018, on the back of three years of rolling unrest that looked fated debauched into intensifying conflict. Although unfaithful roads lie ahead. The widely popular Mr. Ahmed has already transformed the political landscape giving hope to millions of melodious.

The PM sent two delegates to Eritria for the negotiation of the of the long-term separatists that sit Asmara. The first delegate was Foreign Minister Workeneh G. and Oromia Regional President Lemma Megarsa to liaise with of dragging Oromia Liberation Front(OLF). The second mission was Foreign Minister Wokeneh G, the icon of the Somali in the Addis Ababa Government and Finance and Economic Cooptation Minster of Ethiopia Ahmed Shide and Somali Regional State President Mustafa M. Omer to liaise as well as dragging Ogaden National Liberation Front(ONLF) into the negotiation table.

In between, Mr. Ahmed showed a lot of hope for Opposition parts of his country wherever they were, and once said no more ‘’TEQEWAME’’ rather they are ‘TEFOKAKAREE’’.

In a meantime, we are learning from Wollega there is a very loud sound mode of different weapons up to the airstrike, that media telling the targets are the OLF camps in that area and have no knowledge what went wrong about the Abiy flagging hand to opposition parts and brought them in to the like that things like this can happen. I wish PM to silence these guns too like in the horn.

These load guns in the Wollega is making the Ogaden Separatist, ONLF to take precautions and stay vigilant and at this stage they watch there back if this does not take them in to what every one of the countries and the Somali region are fed up at this stage, because they are learning lesson how their sister Party is treated.

Will be continuing after my tea break Stay With me.

Abdiaziz Ali is an Educationalist, Humanitarian, Campaigner, and Child Right Advocate. Mr. Ali lives Jigjiga, Ethiopia and can be reached thru [email protected] and even Facebook: Abdiaziz Alibuur