Somali Regional Council Revoked Immunity for 12 Members.


Parliament of Somali regional state on its regular meeting today has revoked the legal immunity of twelve of its members.

The members whose legal immunity was removed today were higher regional government officials. The list includes former vice president of the region Suat Mohammed, and Mohammed Abdi who is the former finance bureau head and who was also the region temporary vice president before Mustafa Omer appointment, and Farhan Abdi Somali People Democratic Party (SPDP) central committee head.

The officials who lost their immunity have a record of allegations related to violation of human right, corruption, and participation in a dispute that has caused the death of several last August. Some of the officials whose immunity has been removed has already left the country.

There have been lots of reforms in the region since the arrival of Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed and Somali regional state vice president Mustafa Mohammed come to power. The major change in the region Includes the incarceration of Former regional state president Abdi Mahmoud Omar.