Somali Regional Government Disburses 100 Million Birr for August 4, 2018 Victims

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Somali regional government disburses funds to the victims of the August 4, 2018 attack and robbery in Jigjiga. The victims expressed their happiness, not only the assistance but also the feeling that Mustafa administration showed care and understood their pain.

Tewabech, a resident in Jijiga who lost her house on August 4, told DW that she received the subsidy of the government. She said, “The incident was horrible. They took refrigerator, laptops, and TV; and broken down the rest. The Regional government is with us in this unfortunate time.”

Public relation of the August Four Victims Peace and Security Union, which was established to seek for assistance and work in cooperation with the government on peace and security, expressed “The president promised on his designation day to assist the victims, and he kept his word. The assistance was made today for the business community and for those who lost their houses and will continue soon to those who lost their family members and handicapped because of the attack.”

The Somali region government Communication Bureau on its side shared that although the government is not able to provide full support to the victims, it decided to provide reasonable assistance. Some victims have raised a complaint that they have been forgotten during data collection to which August Four Victims Peace and Security Union responded  that they are working to solve this issue according to the report of DW.

The regional government allocates 100 million ETB to assist the victims of the August 4 attack.

Nearly 30 people died as a result of August 4 violence in Jigjiga, capital of the Somali region of Ethiopia. The region’s special force, which is duty bound to protect law and order in the region, was reportedly facilitating for organized youth in the region to attack civilians, loot shops and burn churches Ethiopian Orthodox churches and Protestant churches in the region.