Students stuck in war zone

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The war in Tigray, the northernmost region of Ethiopia, is ostensibly about political control actively continuing for eight-month. When the Ethiopian government withdrew forces from the region on Monday following what the government described as a “unilateral ceasefire,”.

Thousands of students from different parts of Ethiopia attend university education in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. After the government cease-fire, there were students left behind, with no electricity, phone, and bank service. Many parents have been in contact with their kids, the cycle of the war in the region right before the government announcement of a ceasefire. There were students locked down. Many parents are showing concern and worry due to the lack of communication in the region. 

Hamere Eshete is a parent worry sick about the conditions of her child. Her son is attending Adigrat university “he was here in Addis a short time ago, after we heard rumors that things were under control we sent him back, and now we found out there was no food, no telecommunication. Nothing.”

“We have no idea if our child is alive or dead, If there is any food,  we have tried to communicate red cross and other governmental organizations but nobody seems to worry about our children. “She added

This is the story of many concerned parents. Students attending Adigrat University, Mekele University, Aksum University, and more.

Another parent, a father, said his daughter studying at Mekelle University, after hearing the news he had a chance to get hold of her, right before all communications were cut. “I told her to lock all the doors and pray.”  It seems nobody is trying to help the students.” he mentioned.

Ministry of science and higher education posted on the social media page announcing they are doing everything they can to handle the situation but Addis Insight reporter tried to get information about the current procedure been taken but the organization refused to disclose any kind of information. 

The latest development reported that the red cross resided at Mekelle university and tried to give aid, although there is no internet and telephone network service, through red cross parents are able to communicate with their students. 

Nineteen students have been rescued from Mekelle university, taking a route through Afar, where they resided to Semera university and to Addis Abeba. There are still unknown pieces of information from Aksum University. 

Students are communicating to their parents through Red cross mentioning, ” we are about to start final examinations, things are fine but we have no money and food is still a struggle” he mentioned, a student from Meles campus. 

A student still mentioned that they are starting the exam and will be finishing soon.