Sunmei International 2019 Strategy: Improving the Quality Supply Chain System and Building Quality Hotels

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Recently, the Sunmei International Supplier Award Ceremony and Hotel Investment Appreciation Conference entitled “Growing Together” was held in Qingdao.
For Hotel operation, low cost + high efficiency is an important pairing, not only involving the operation and management of hotel franchise, but also in the hotel supply chain. In 2019, in order to improve the quality of hotel products, improve the efficiency of the supply side, and make hotel investors feel at ease to “shake hands off the cabinet”, Sunmei International Co-ordinated with major hotel product suppliers proposed a “co-growth plan”.

The plan is an important manifestation of Sunmei international core competitiveness. Sunmei International Supply Chain links suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, service providers and other partners into a complete network structure, forming a highly competitive strategic alliance.
Sunmei International Supply Chain Management Platform has four principles of service commitment: first, customers can apply unconditionally for refund and exchange service within 7 days of signing and receiving goods without affecting the second sale of suppliers; second, three years plus super-long quality assurance, quality problems caused by non-human reasons occur during the quality assurance period, and the seller is responsible for free maintenance. The third is the principle of after-sale 2485, in which the seller replies within 24 hours after receiving the notice from the buyer or agent, and gives the emergency treatment plan within 48 hours. The emergency treatment plan will be completed or given within 5 working days and approved by the owner or authorizer of the branch; the fourth is to start the “first compensation”. Payment, Negotiation after Negotiation mechanism, Headquarters Supply Chain Platform on any commodity supply issues can be paid in advance within three working days.

The reason why we attach so much importance to the construction of suppliers and supply chains is that Sunmei International’s goal is not only to provide high-quality hotel products, but also to provide products with more sense of design, which can break away from traditional hotel product thinking, and help hotels improve human efficiency and efficiency.
With the unique spatiality of hotels, it is the market orientation and the strategic core of Sunmei International to find all points that can be related to accommodation consumption and become the flow Sunmei International Members Break 60 million! Ivy Hotel is the main traffic bearer

Over half of 2019, the number of Sunmei International members smoothly exceeded 60 million. The rapid growth of membership is the direct reflection of Sunmei International’s commitment to “fan economy” in recent years. As the core brand of the group, Ivy Hotel has become the main source of membership flow by virtue of its huge store size, good user experience and open cross-border concept.

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