The Acting Mayor of Addis Ababa to be Removed


The government of Ethiopia is going to dismiss the acting mayor of the capital Addis Ababa eng. Takele Uma from his responsibility. According to trusted local reports, the Mayor is going to step down within a week.


Takele assigned as an administrator of the city on July 2018, replacing the former mayor Diriba Kuma. He served as the mayor of Suluta and Holeta cities of Oromia, and just before he was assigned as the mayor of Addis Ababa, he was chief of the Oromia transport bureau.


“The mayor has no intention of stepping down, said AP reporter Elias Meseret quoting his anonymous source. He added, “it’s inevitable that he will step down after a period not more than a week. Not clear why he is going to be removed, but it might be the decision of his party (Oromo Democratic Party).”


Furthermore, there is another rumor that Adanech Abebe, the current Minister of Revenue, will replace the mayor. There are also reports saying he had a face to face meeting with PM Abiy and told that he would be replaced. According to the Awlo Media, along with Takele, his deputy, eng. Endawek Abte will also be dismissed. The media reported a week ago that both of them would be sent to China for education.


During his spell, Takele Uma managed to catch the hearts of some of the residents of Addis Ababa. his work on public schools in Addis Ababa to provide meals for the kids, renewing shelters of poor mothers, mass sport, and projects he has started, gave the mayor popularity among Addis Ababa community.


On the other hand, it is becoming a culture in ODP to remove officials without noticing the reason. So far, Kemal Gelchu, the former security chief of Oromia, had removed with “unknown” reason by Lemma Megerssa, who was the President of the region at the time. Later on, Lemma himself was removed from his presidency and assigned as the Ministry of Defence. And this time it may be Takele Uma’s turn.