The Ethiopian security forces are advancing after controlling Mersa and Granna.


The Ethiopian Security Forces (EDF), in a campaign for national unity, had previously taken control of Zobel Highlands in Kobo and expanded its control, including the northern part of Raya. In the southern part of Zobl, the guerrillas, who controlled the Gura Goldi area, have now completely cleared the Gura Goldi area, expanding the previously cut Woldia Mekelle line and moving closer to Woldia.

The Ethiopian Security Forces (EDF),which liberated Wuchale town in the past, took full control of Wuchale woreda, capturing the towns of Worgesa, Libso, Granana, Mersa, Kile and the northern highlands of Harbu woreda.

In coordination with the air force, the Coalition Forces, EDF cut off the enemy behind Mersa, completely destroying the enemy that had accumulated between Uchale and Wurgesa. The local community, in conjunction with the Allies, was able to wreak havoc on the enemy. The coalition of the community and the army prevented the enemy from capturing the looted property and the shooters. The coalition forces are attacking the enemy in the towns of Woldiya and Hara in a coordinated and organized manner.