The History of Sunmei International


Shangmei International Hotel Chain started in Shanghai, China, and developed in the first and second-tier cities in the world, because the first and second-tier cities have mature Hotel growth environment and professional hotel management personnel. Ivy Hotel enters the market with the mode of alliance. With its fashionable and bright hotel image, standardized hotel management and low investment cost, Ivy Hotel has quickly won the favor of consumers and affiliates.
Over the past 10 years, the average annual growth rate of Ivy hotels has exceeded 60%, covering more than 1,000 cities worldwide. The huge scale effect has effectively driven the rapid growth of the number of members. Today, Shangmei International has become one of the few hotel management groups in the world with more than 60 million members.

Ivy hotel rendering

After several stages, such as barbaric growth, horse race enclosure, merger and integration, the overall international pattern of Sunmei International has also tended to be stable. The labelling characteristics of major hotel management groups are more obvious, and the age, income, gender and distribution of their members are becoming more and more centralized. The data show that more than 80% of the members are between 20 and 40 years old. This group has the characteristics of emphasizing experience, high loyalty and being fond of trying new things. In order to better meet their accommodation needs, Ivy Hotel launched the “beautiful sleep” program.
“Beautiful Sleep” is a brand-new accommodation experience launched by Ivy Hotel in order to comply with the trend of consumption upgrading and meet the quality needs of the public. Through comprehensive upgrading of bedding, mute, light, room air and other aspects, it brings a quiet and sleepy sleeping environment to the residents.

Accurate understanding of consumers ‘needs and all-round satisfaction, and innovative attempts in building IP hotels have brought Ivy Hotel to a new level in accommodation experience, space revenue and membership absorption, and brought long-term accumulation to the development of other hotel brands under Sunmei International, such as Oak Hotel and Rizti Hotel. Extreme influence.

Rizti Hotel Rendering

Oak hotel Rendering

There is reason to believe that Sunmei International’s next 60 million members will come faster, and Ivy Hotel will grow into a more influential economic hotel brand Entrance and rebuild the relationship between hotels and users. For Sunmei International and its partners, the road is not far, and the future is promising.

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