The Ministry of Health launches New Website


The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the health management information directorate has launched an interactive, multilingual, and dynamic website that caters to ensure the availability of and accessibility to various health information. 

Announced on October 31, 2021, the agreement has come about as part of the new health transformation initiative to level up the digital information management system. 

The digital platform is developed in-house with experts involved, with integrated data from stakeholders and the Ministry of Health. 

The website is currently available in four languages. Including Amharic, English, Afaan Oromo, and Tigrigna 

“The service is encouraging for the country’s goals in terms of digital strategy transformation in the health sectors,” Stated  Dr. Lia Tadesse, Minister of Health 

The platform also incorporates data for MOH partners like pathfinders, UNICEF, and other stakeholders. 

The service includes features of e-service, complaint handling system, tv channel, enabling donation and volunteerism, social media integration, multilingual service, publications and literature, multi-sectoral collaboration.