TPLF claims drone attack in residential areas in Mekelle


“The federal government conducted a drone attack in residential areas in Mekelle around 1 am-midnight” tweeted Getachew Reda, advisor to the president of Tigray. 

“Its become unmistakable pattern for Abiy to target residential quarters in Tigray whenever his forces are dealt a harsh blow in the battlefield” he stated

The ruling party still has not announced the event to the public yet, despite the continuous effort by international communities to mend the outbreak and come to a negotiation with both forces. 

Following the attack, the TPLF is aiming to come to the capital with rigorous determination, controlling areas in the North Shewa zone, Amhara region.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) pointed in the report released this week the violation of human rights based on ethnicity in the current six-month state of emergency.

The initial attack began as its air force bombed the Tigrayan capital city of Mekelle in November 2020.

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