UN open meeting on Peace and Security in Africa


At the open meeting,  Ambassador Taye Atske provided the major reasons the Government of Ethiopia have for the expelling of the 7 members of United Nation emphasizing the government of Ethiopia is not it under any legal obligation to justify its decision due to its fundamental elements of prerogative to determine who enters, remain and exit the territory for the sovereignty of the state.   

 He stated, “When we appeal for support and work with the UN for other humanitarian operators we have not forgotten this fundamental right, Therefore the government will continue exercising its due right and responsibility in monitoring and scanning all humanitarian operators in Ethiopia.”

As to the legality of the decision leaving the details aside the UN itself can be caught arguing decisions of persona grata apply to the UN as well.

The UN members are accused of sidelining their oath, the rules of professional conduct, and the principles of humanity they are in assistance. 

 “Let me cite a few examples among the multitude of transgressions that we selected with great care and caution.” The Ambassador presented as follows, 

“The miss conduct of a few individuals doesn’t speak for the professional and able team of the UN in Ethiopia. Rather, it speaks of the serious ethical dilemma that existed in the humanitarian operation in Ethiopia for the past 11 months.

These individuals executed a conspiracy created by TPLF and its members to generate an image of extreme casualty that was framed as ‘humanitarian intervention’ and rescued the criminal group. 

“They categorized the situation in Tigray under IPC5 based on data collected from a region of 6 million population by a single FAO staff and interpreted by two UN staff and supported by  Ethiopian TPLF supporters based in Rome. 

“They assisted in the fabrication of false allegations submitted to the UN secretary council on a white paper. The white paper contained unfounded allegations including the use of hunger as a weapon and preferred to use resolution 2417/18” he emphasized. 

The former head of OCHA reported to this council 152 Ethiopians died due to food shortage while such incidents have never occurred, they made up the data and went to the extent of informing the global security body.

“About two weeks ago, they reported 12 individuals died of hunger in an IDP camp while the organization ran the camp until the organization came out and confirmed its false allegation.”

They didn’t even show mercy for victims of gender-based violence, first in violation of the protection of protocols of safe houses for victims of gender-based violence, they invited TPLF armed men and militia to the safe houses in addition they were exposed before international media invited them and intimidated victims testimonies. the accusation included

They openly conducted activism in support of TPLF, a group remarked as a terrorist, and make political statements that instigate violence and inflame continuously in the Ethiopian public. 

On multiple occasions, the government of Ethiopia was reassured to have shared its concerns about UN members. 

On July 8, 2021, The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister wrote a letter to the UN explaining the details of the misconduct of the UN staff requiring corrective measures. Although António Guterres, Secretary-General of UN  did not receive the documents submitted by the Ethiopia government regarding concerns on these issues

He stated, “If there is anything I have cherished during all of this period is to maintain a very effective operational relationship with the government of Ethiopia and its Prime Minister to the effect that, it’s with a clear easiness that I would like to ask you one question, 

“Are there any written documents mentioning concerns provided by the Ethiopian government to any UN institution about any of the 7 members of the UN that were expelled? I would like to receive a copy of that document because I have not yet received it to my knowledge”

“We believe Ethiopia has no right to expel the 7 UN members, violating international law in doing so and we are ready to cooperate with the government of Ethiopia,” he concluded.