A father died along with his four children in a fire that broke out near Keranio


Friday, December 25, 2021 Family members told that a father and his four children had died in a fire that broke out near Keranio at around 11 pm.

Abraham Arega, the brother of Amsal Arega stated that his sister survived the tragedy with her 10 month old child while her husband & four of her children were killed in the fire accident.

Abraham said there was no electricity in Kolfe Keranio on the day of the fire and the family lit candles at night.

“[My sister] was cooking with charcoal. Her husband was lying on the couch with one of their children.

Brother Abraham Arega said the fire broke out while the mother was sleeping in the room to breastfeed her baby.

Neighbors were able to save the mother and their 10-month-old baby, but the father and four children were not spared.

The father Ato Gize Biru, Time & their daughters, Naomi, Nardos, Lidet, and Tsion died.

“Suddenly, when she woke up, there was a fire. She screamed and grabbed her baby.

Amsal told that she had been rushing back to her home to save her husband and four children, but they all were unresponsive.

Their daughters were 15, 11, 8 and 6 years old, lost their lives in the accident. Their house was destroyed by the fire.

Funeral service for father and four children December 26, 2021 . It took place at the Church of the Woybela Mariam.

Addis Ababa Fire and Disaster Management Commission Public Relations Team Leader Gullat Getaneh told reporters that Five people have been confirmed dead in a fire that broke out last Friday. “The cause of the accident is still being investigated,”

He added that the victim’s father and children had been hospitalized after the accident.

The father, who died in the accident, said that he was a pickup truck driver and that he managed to support his family.

“They live hand in hand. But he helped us all, not just his family. He has a good reputation everywhere. No one in the neighborhood talks about him,” said his sister-in-law, Abraham.

The surviving sister and her 10-month-old daughter are now safe, but are saddened by the loss of her husband and four children.

“It is difficult to bury five bodies in one day. Today she knows where they are buried,” he said.


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