CNN speaks to Ethiopian PM’s Press Secretary


There have been a certain of points raised by CNN regarding misinformation reported by international medias, international humanitarian aid and the future of the conflict

Billene seyoum PM’s Press Secretary of dressed the notion of international medias having been reporting news that framed to misinform the current conflict happening in Ethiopia, in manner that is biased and detached from context, although international medias given access to areas they prefer to cover, some narratives are further from the truth. 

CNN also holds its ground saying the  reporting was conducted carefully, “we stand with the findings as well as language used to in our reporting, we believe, we are justified.”  and the hostile environment tends to oversee the justification of the reports conducted by international medias.

presumably CNN also addresses the question on blockage of humanitarian aid access to civilians in the region of Tigray by the federal government, not having the support of Washington, accusing Ethiopia gross human breaching that they have removed Ethiopia from an important trade pact. how further is the federal government planning to go with out the major support of the international community  could have consequences in the Ethiopian economy.

“After the withdrawal of the federal force from Tigray region, the Ethiopian government has allocated 70 pc of humanitarian assistance, but with data that some of the humanitarian aid are being converted to fighters and politicized for the pure gain of TPLF.” mentioned Billene Seyoum.

“we are still working on a constructive negotiation with the all international communities.” she added

Since the state of emergency declared Tigray people are being targeted based on  their identity, and how much of it is true still not been declared by the secretory.




  1. CNN is a damn media,biased,disgracing…we have z ability to resolve by our own crises resolution mechanism.why as a media try to find out z route couse of z problem.why don’t. be z part of solution instead of digging d/t devilish destructive issue.Anyways we are Ethiopians.This motherland has word of God.God bless Ethiopia and it’s people

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