Crowd Waited 13 Years To Hear Teddy Afro Perform His Hit Song “Yasteserial”


It was not an ordinary concert. Teddy Afro has passed the test of time to perform on this stage. In 2005 Teddy Afro released his all-time controversial and most favored album Jah-Yasteserial. Ever since then the artist was under a microscope watch by every group that either support him or oppose him.

Unlike many other artists, the road to music for Teddy Afro was not as smooth as it was for others. Teddy chose not to shy away from raising issues that were costly to discuss even a year ago. His popular hit Jah-Yasteserial is believed to have caused a politically motivated arrest on the artist that resulted in his incarceration for more than a year. Teddy Afro encounter was not only limited to the government but also prominent activists. Jawar Mohammed were among the group that campaigned to boycott his concert in Oromia region. This was mainly due to his another controversial hit song Tikur Sew.

Hours before the concert a local media called Andafta talked to passionate fans who were already making their way to the event. Their summed up response was simple euphoria and a long time coming to see their favorite artist on stage.  They clearly mention their frustration in waiting all these time to see him and expressed their delight. To them his music was prophetic in a way that the love and unity he was preaching long before anyone started to materialize especially when one relates to Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Finally after all these waiting 22,000 crowds packed at millennium hall decorated with the green, yellow and red flag waiting for their king.  Unlike other times Teddy Afro arrived on time to the concert. He has been wait 15 years to sing his all-time favorite song Jah Yasteserial and the crowd erupted with joy while breathing freedom.