Dangdang criticize Luckin coffee monopolizing over Hambella coffee


Recently, Dangdang, a Chinese electronic commerce company, criticized Luckin coffee’s purchase of nearly half of the available Hambell coffee beans, suggesting that the transaction may constitute a masked monopoly in the upstream supply chain.

The METAD Agricultural Development PLC owns Hambella coffee, a family-run business, distinctive in that it comes from a single estate in Ethiopia located in the Oromia region, Guji Zone. Hambella coffee is from many smaller farms from around the region is processed and sold as a lot. The majority of coffees sourced from the areas are from washing stations or cooperatives.

More than 90 tons of Hambella coffee beans were won by overseas bidding from the market share.

Founder Li Guoqing believes that it is good enough to mix coffee beans for a coffee chain, and buying Hambella coffee beans will make those who make fine coffees have no beans supply or cause the price of fine coffee beans to increase substantially.


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