Defense Forces and the Amhara Regional Security Forces took control of Sekota


Defense Forces and the Amhara Security Forces liberated most of Wag Hmra area and took control of Sekota, the capital of the zone.

The government’s communication service told Fana Broadcasting Corporation that the Defense Forces and Amhara security forces are advancing towards Abergele, clearing the rest of the area.

Defense Forces and the Amhara Regional State Security Forces are advancing on Alamata on the one hand, clearing the area on the other side of Waja and Tumuga.


  1. When Ethiopian forces hoiest their flag when entering Sekota, Woldia, Kobo etc, our hearts are also equally on air heralding victory for the conquering lions of Ethiopia, Africa’s hope independence and sovreignity. So Addis Insight please release this message for our foes and friends alike. No power on earth can defeat Ethiopia’s ambition for independence, sovreignity, anti colonial, neo colonial movement of the WEST under the pretext of Human Right and “atrocity” which is fabricated by western lobby groups and paid and incompetent, half backed journalists like Nina Elbagir and the white TPLF Martin Paut who sold their profession for TPLF money.


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