Eritrean Father Reunite With Son In Debre Markos After 36 Years


By Gashaye Getahun | AMMA

18 Nov 2018 – (EP) An Eritrean man has spoken of his “utmost happiness” at seeing his son for the first time since their separation more than 36 years ago.

Kiflay Tewelde was reunited with his 36-year-old son, Birhanu Kiflay, in an emotional meeting in Debre Markos, Ethiopia today.

“I came here to search for them and through the support of Debre Markos people, I have found my son and his mother Zinash Fantaye”, said the delighted Kiflay.

Birhanu was unborn 8 months when his father transferred to Yirga Alem in 1983. His father later transferred again to Arsi province before he went to Eritrea.

The son grew up believing that his father might not be alive and remained unaware of his father true identity, except that a single photo his mother has kept.

Speaking to Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) reporter Birhanu said, “I knew my father was Eritrean and never thought I would see him in my life due to the breakdown of Ethio-Eri relationships.”

He praised the Ethiopian Prime Minister and said, “I have found my father thanks to Dr. Abiy.”

Previously, the people of Debre Markos has shown genuine kindness to former residents by protecting illegally deported Eritreans’ properties for two decades and handed over to them when they came back.