Ermias Amelega Bringing Alibaba to Ethiopia

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In an exclusive interview with JTV that was aired for the past three weeks, Ermias gave a deeper insight ranging from his business, lifestyle to the ups and downs of doing business in Ethiopia. Even though most of his conversation with JTV focused on his past Ermias also shared his upcoming projects. Business tycoon Ermias Amelega stated his recent business dealing with world second largest e-commerce company Alibaba. “I have finalized business dealing with Alibaba to bring them to Ethiopia. They are the world seventh largest company and it is time for Ethiopia companies to be able to afford cloud service with local currency.”- Ermias Amelega His partnership with Alibaba will allow him to bring Alibaba Cloud computing service which will be essential for small businesses, individual developers, and the public. His investment will mainly target financial sectors and government institutions that are spending a large amount of hard currency to access the service. Alibaba Cloud is already operating in 200 countries and ranks the third in the world cloud market share. In his interview, Ermias reflected his interest to focus on the financial sector because of his hopes in the opening of the stock exchange and professional development training. According to him, the financial sector needs a reform in modernizing and his company will be working in facilitating that transition. His success with  Zemen Bank, a bank that was a pioneer in introducing several packages for the banking sector makes him a seasoned professional for the sector. Apart from the financial sector Ermias also want to reclaim his mining license and continue his Iron Ore exploration in Amhara region. He even stated his willingness to take his case to court if the ministry of mining and energy doesn’t give him back his license. Speaking about the current administration Ermias expressed his optimism with and have high hopes for some of his pending cases to get resolved.