ET Airlines CEO Tewolde working from the US


Recently apeared on various social media pages, accounts and channels that Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde G. Mariam has resigned, applied for asylum abroad and is suspended in Addis Ababa.

Concerning the rumors Tewolde stated, “I am undergoing medical treatment in the United States, and I am working in our office there,” His co-worker confirmed this and replied, “I was watching what was being written on social media. It is a complete lie.”

In addition Tewolde also wrote a letter to ET employees regarding the current rumors. mentioned in his note, “I would like to call upon every employees to remain calm and focus on your routine work as usual and on the growth of our much treasured company: What’s very important for us all is looking after ET. Talks have never paid anybody’s salary. It’s Work that pay our bill and help us make a living. Hence, I strongly urge you all not to loose ur focus. Give deaf ears  for rumors and keep on working hard and smart as that’s our culture.”



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