Ethiopia Airlines Crushes On Route to Nairobi


This morning the official twitter account page of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia broke the news by expressing its condolences for families who lost their loved ones over Ethiopian Airline’s crush on route to Nairobi.

Right after the PM Office statement Ethiopian Airlines released an official statement confirming the crash of its 737 Boeing Max with 149 passengers on board including 8 crew members. The plane crashed 6 minutes around taking off from Bole International Airport. According to the airline statement, the crash site was in Debrezeit which is 20 km away from Addis Abeba. In breaking news televised by EBC, all the 157 passengers onboard have died and among the passesngers, 33 are foreign nationals while 124 are Ethiopians. 

This is the second crash for 737 Boeing Max in the past five months alone and the plane was delivered to Ethiopian Airlines 4 months ago from Boeing. The first crash in Indonesia that involved 737 Boeing Max took the lives of 189 passengers.

Below are phone numbers for information Airport emergency

hotline 011 5 17 87 33 0115 17 47 35

For all information necessary

011 5 17 89 45

011 5 17 89 87

011 5 17 82 31

011 5 17 85 58