Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund Raises Half a Million Dollar


Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) an initiative which was established nearly six months ago raises half a million dollar in just six weeks campaign. The trust fund was started following PM Abiy challenge call for the diaspora to at least contribute one dollar a day from their daily macchiato expense.

According to EDTF “The Fund aims to finance projects that meet critical needs selected based on their potential to make the highest positive impact on groups and communities in Ethiopia in such areas as health, education, water and sanitation facilities, habilitation and rehabilitation of persons with disability, agricultural development, technology, small-scale entrepreneurship and other income and employment generating projects. The EDTF will give priority attention to projects focusing on youth, women, smallholder farmers, small enterprises and entrepreneurs, who can be agents of inclusive social and economic development.”

Already 3000 donors contributed for the campaign and breaking down the demography of the donors who contributed for the Trust fund the United States leads with 83.19% of the total donation followed by Canada, Germany, and Kenya. Also the leading donations by states in the US: Maryland, California, and Virginia.

To learn more about EDTF recent fundraising you can follow the following link.