Ethiopian Government retook Kemise with unprecedented victory

Ethiopian Troops

Earlier this week PM Abiy Ahmed reported from Dogolo, 3rd front with ongoing operations the national defense force will take control of Kemise, Bati, Kombolcha, and other towns within days.

He added that the operation will take a closer approach to Dessie. Most areas will be cleared out from TPLF control according to the operation undertaken.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister recalled that important areas including East and West Front Gashena have been liberated from the TPLF, adding that work is underway to expand to Sekota and Woldiya.

The Coalition of Security Forces, led by Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed, has liberated more towns from the terrorist TPLF operation and has continued to seize and destroy terrorist cells,” announced the government communications service

As a result, the towns and their environs were liberated. on the werealu front, the towns of Ajbar, Tenta, and Doba were liberated during the operation.
The coalition forces are advancing on the industrial city of Kombolcha, with the Kemise front taking control of most of the towns of Majeten, Cretin, Kemise, Riken, Woledia, Albuko, and Kalu Woreda.

Government Communications said: “Most of the terrorist forces have been dismantled during the major offensive operations today and yesterday.”