Ethiopians protest US pressure staged at the US Embassy


Earlier today, the Ethiopian government has said that the US Embassy in Addis Ababa and other organizations have continued to spread false information.

In the past, they had spread rumors that Addis Ababa was under siege, but now they continue to lie that terrorist attacks are taking place.

The Ethiopian government has warned the embassy and the US government to refrain from spreading false information.

At this hour a protest is happening in front of the US embassy, a protest advocating the recent ‘no more’ movement in criticizing the US for misinformation and fake news about the current conflict in Ethiopia.

On their arrival at the Russian Embassy, ​​the protesters thanked Russia for its support of Ethiopia.

Patriots and members of the public took part in the protest, which began in front of the British and American embassies.

Demonstrations began at 7:00 pm, with various vehicles turning on the lights and sounding for 10 minutes.

Participants in the protest said they could not hide the truth by turning on daylight for Westerners and their media who wanted to hide the truth about Ethiopia.

“The intervention of the United States and other countries is undemocratic. We will not compromise in Ethiopia. The media should stop spreading false information and Africa must wake up,” the protesters said.

The Ethiopian government issued the warning in a statement issued by the Government Communication Service.



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