Huawei Announces the 2018/19 ICT Competition in Ethiopia

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Over 4,000 Students and Teachers from Universities across the country to participate in Huawei Information Communication Technology (ICT) Competition.

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – Tuesday, November ­­­­­27, 2018 – Huawei representatives in Ethiopia announced a nationwide ICT competition to take place in the coming months. Huawei in collaboration with Chinese Embassy officials, Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MoSHE) will announce the kickoff of the competition to notify universities and academic institutions in the country.

Twenty (20) academic institutions and over 4000 students are expected to participate in Huawei’s ICT competition which will provide a chance for students and teachers to test their ICT capabilities. This new collaborative initiative among government, academy, and industry will provide a number of benefits to help university-level students to engage in real-life experiences, in addition to technology transfer, developing improved curriculum and providing future employment opportunities for students.

“This unique competition provides a valuable learning experience for students to compete nationally and become finalists for the global stage,” said Huawei Ethiopia Director Ted Mengyu

Prior to the competition, Huawei will conduct an official launching ceremony on November 27th, 2018 at the Ministry of Education to unveil the three phases of the competition. Promotional activities such as a nationwide distribution of brochures, banner placements, and activation roadshows will take place following the launching ceremony.

“Through the ICT competition, our goal is to share the latest ICT knowledge and trends in order to find the best future talent for the growth of Ethiopia’s ICT industry,” said the Director

The competition will consist of three stages – first, intermediary and national final stages. Each academic institution will conduct ICT examinations and shortlist the top three qualified students who will be illegible to compete in the intermediary competition, in the presence of Huawei officials. The top 10 students from the intermediary stage will be qualified to compete in the final national competition. The top 6 students will be identified from the final competition which will be held in Addis Ababa and then the last top 3 finalists will be recognized in an award ceremony.

Huawei officials will conduct an awarding ceremony for students, instructors, and academic institutions. Competition prizes range from Huawei mobile phone (Mate 10) to certificate. From the winners, two students and one teacher will participate in the global stage competition in Shenzhen, China.