I Eat Once a Day- Ermias Amelga

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Whenever one thinks of business people in Ethiopia there is always one person that comes to mind, Ermias Amelega.  Ever since he relocated to Ethiopia from the US he has been a prominent figure in promoting new business ideas in the country.

In an exclusive interview with Jossy In The House from JTV, Ermias Amelega shares interesting facts about his childhood, and his resettlement to Ethiopia. Unlike his previous interviews, Ermias was more at ease in sharing his personal life despite being consumed in the endless Access Real Estate saga.

Here are the three interesting facts about Ermias Amelega

Mother Tongue Arabic

Three months after he was born, Ermias had to move to Egypt. His father was a diplomat so they moved around a lot. As a result, his mother tongue was Arabic. After living for four years in Egypt Ermias moved back to Ethiopia and attended school till grade 2. The next destination for Ermias and his family took them to Nairobi where he learned British English and Swahili while attending school in Nairobi.

In 1968 Ermias went to Winget School but his stay didn’t last more than three months as the school closed due to civil unrest. This forced him to complete his high school class at International Community School.

Before leaving to America in 1976, Ermias had to go to Bedeno, Harar to serve as Ediget Be Hibret fellow (Derg Regime version of Peace Corps). During his stay in Bedeno, he remembers how one Arab used to have the only lorry in Bedeno town and how he drives through plain fields once a week to bring basic utilities for the resideents. 

From Wall Street to Muddy Street  

After leaving to the US in 1976 Ermias stayed there for nearly 20 years. The first 8 years of his stay in the US were focused on attaining his education goals. As a result, he earned his first bachelor degree with three majors (Economics, Philosophy and Political Science). He then pursued his masters in Economics and Business Administration.

After completing his studies Ermias moved to New York where he landed his first job at Wall Street. In his remaining twelve years Ermias worked for numerous financial institutions based in New York and L.A.

Prior to moving back to Ethiopia, Ermias used to see himself as the last person on the planet to move back to Ethiopia by giving up his successful life in the US. But this had to change when his wife insisted he must at least visit Ethiopia for one week. When he first touched down in Ethiopia after twenty years he remembers the rain and muddy roads heading to Mexico from Bole Airport. What was intended to be a one week visit turned to several months of stay in Ethiopia with a life-changing decision to relocate to Ethiopia. The moving back process for Ermias and his family took nearly one year and three months in which he had to sell his 8,000 acres residence in L.A.

I Eat Once a Day

While talking about his lifestyle Ermias stressed the importance of staying healthy to live longer. Besides being a regular gym goer Ermias also shared the diet secret that made him look so young at the age of 63. The secret recipe to the unaging look of Ermias is mainly due to his eating habit that is restricted to one meal a day policy.

To support his claim Ermias mentions Japanese Yoshinori Ohsumi who was the winner of The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The scientific discovery that won him the prize was how starving helps cells  recycle their content in a process known as autophagy, a Greek term for “self-eating.”

To learn more about the Autophagy read this article. Addis Insight team doesn’t recommend One Meal a Day policy without you having all the needed supplements your body needs.