Journalist Tamrat Negera family said they couldn’t locate his whereabouts


Journalist Tamrat Negera family stated that they are unable to find his whereabouts or being held. His family said as a result they could not provide him with food, clothinng or medicine. It is the 4th day that Terara Network Editor-in-Chief Tamrat Negera has been taken from his home, but his whereabouts are still unknown.

After the journalist was taken to the Third Police Station last Friday, his family asked the station his whereabouts but they weren’t able to get the exact location of his arrest. Last Saturday, the family reported the incident to the Oromia Police Department at 6 Kilo and then to the Oromia Police Commission in the Global Zone. They left but were told he hasn’t arrived. Instead, Tamrat’s family, who had gone to Burayu and Gelan to investigate, said they had been to three police stations in Burayu and to the Gelan condominium, but could not find him.

His family added that they could not even deliver medicine and food because they could not find Tamrat’s place of detention. In connection with this, they announced that they had informed the Human Rights Commission to investigate the journalist’s arrest. His family, who have been traveling since last Friday to find out his whereabouts, have asked the government to inform them of his son’s whereabouts. Journalist Tamrat Negera was taken from his home last Friday at around 10:30 am for questioning.