Loza Tadesse: Influential Ethiopian Woman Under 30


Loza Tadesse, an incoming assistant professor in the engineering department at MIT, is developing diagnostics for extreme environments. To that end, she has developed a rapid system using machine learning and a light scattering approach that can identify infectious bacteria much faster which will lead both to better treatments and less reliance on the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Prior to coming to the States, she was a medical student at St. Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College in Ethiopia, where she had firsthand experience of the gravity of challenges patients and physicians face in resource-limited clinical settings leading her to develop a strong interest in engineering point-of-care medical devices. Loza is a recipient of several awards including the Stanford EDGE, Agilent, and DARE fellowships, the 2019 Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) career development award, and the 2020 BIOX best poster presentation award.

She is continuing to progress and influence various areas with the unprecedented researches and to be chosen as the outstanding woman under 30.