ONLF Confirmed To Participate in 2020 Election

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The general secretary of ONLF Abdirahman Sh. Maadey has held a press conference in Jigjiga town today where he informed to the media that ONLF will continue to pursue its political ambitions through an election .

The general Secretary words quoted: “ONLF will declare today that we’ll continue to pursue our struggle to represents Somali interests through peaceful way whilst following the international standards and Ethiopian constitution. Mr. Maadey, reaffirmed that ONLF will participate in the coming 2020 election as an opposition party to democratically compete with the current ruling ESPDP of Somali region.”

This new development will definitely be seen as a model for the other armed parties who have recently returned back to the country. Moreover, the ONLF message will be a chilling warning for the ruling ESPDP who have been solely enjoying the political atmosphere of the region for more than 24 years. It’s on the records that ONLF won the last election it has democratically participated.

Many Somali analysts commended the ONLF’s decision to pursue its political ambitions through peaceful method.

Source. SR NEWS