PM Abiy Ahmed Set to Join The Battlefield as of Tomorrow

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The ruling party’s executive committee has discussed the current situation in the country, the party said in a statement released on its social media page. 

The party added that the executive committee has set direction on various national issues, but did not elaborate on what issues the committee discussed in detail and what decisions it made. 

According to information from the Prosperity Party’s social networking site, the committee concluded its meeting by discussing various current national issues at today’s meeting.

“From the President of the Party (Dr. Abiy Ahmed), we have taken the lead and we are determined to save Ethiopia” – Dr. Alemu Sime

The Executive Committee of the Prosperity Party has today issued guidelines on current national issues.

The Executive Committee stated that the current attacks inside and outside Ethiopia are coordinated. The TPLF and its allies, who have been branded terrorists, are responsible for the atrocities that have taken place in Ethiopia so far. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

It is reported that all security forces will be on high alert tomorrow to ensure that the fighting does not cause more casualties.

“We are now in the final stages of saving Ethiopia. Our enemies are attacking us, both inside and outside. It is time to sacrifice the country. From now on, I will march on the battlefield from tomorrow onwards to lead the defense.”

“All of you who aspire to be one of Ethiopia’s most admired children, stand up for your country today; Let’s meet face to face. The rest of us will cover the gaps created by our campaign. State and federal leaders, who are not in the lead, are doing their best for development and administration more than ever.” stated PM Abiy Ahmed

Dr. Abraham Belay, Member of the Executive Committee mentioned, “Defense Forces and other security forces will serve  different duties, that will change everything”

In addition, the Executive Committee announced that at the meeting, all leaders will be on the front lines to address the threat of survival.

Dr. Alemu Sime, Executive Member of the Executive Committee stated, “We decided to go to the forefront and save Ethiopia by sacrificing ourselves. We will show this in action from tomorrow. ”