Sudan acknowledged Ethiopia and the AU after reaching an agreement on the constitutional declaration


Sudan’s foreign minister held a program to recognize Ethiopia and the AU for their effort to make the transition peaceful.


The program was held following Sudan’s Military rulers, and the Opposition coalition signed an agreement to pave the way for a transitional government.


The foreign minister of Sudan had awarded Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia mediator for Sudan Mohamed Dirir, Ethiopia’s ambassador in Sudan Shiferaw Jarso and, Mohammed Hassan Labat the AU mediator for Sudan, with Sudan’s High government officials and Military leaders in attendance.


The acting foreign minister of Sudan Omar Dahab on occasion, expressed his gratefulness for the vital role Ethiopia and the AU played on this historical moment of establishing a transitional government.  


The two sides signed the document days ago, which outlines the powers and the relationships between the branches of the transitional government, after weeks of protracted negotiations mediated by the AU and Ethiopia amid violence in the capital, Khartoum, and other cities.