The 4th annual Real Estate and Homes Expo kicks off in Addis Ababa.

January 1, 2022, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – 251 communications and Marketing, a full-service communications, marketing and branding firm today officially launched the 4th edition of Ethiopian Real Estate and Home Expo at the Hilton Hotel Addis Ababa. The two-day event provides a platform for leading local and international real estate developers to showcase a wide range of products, services and properties to potential home seekers.
The event takes place amid a rapidly growing construction and real estate sector especially in Addis Ababa which has seen a fast-changing skyline as new commercial and residential buildings come up.
Continuing the efforts of addressing the ever-increasing demand for real estate properties in Ethiopia, 251 communications with a decade of experience in organizing major events for local and global companies today kick started the 4th ET Real Estate and Home expo which will bring together thousands of visitors with home developers during the two-day event. The event is a one stop destination to fulfil housing, furnishing and installation needs bringing the biggest real estate and home accessories companies in Ethiopia under one roof.
Ethiopia’s construction sector is one of the major economic pillars in the country with a significant contribution to the Gross Domestic product. Private real estate developers play a significant role in the sector alongside the government offering housing facilities to middle and high-income earners in addition to providing employment opportunities to local labor force.
The event is organized with prominent local media houses including Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS), Ethio Fm Radio, Addis Maleda, Ethiopian Business Review and Ketema Journal as Media partners.
For two days, more than 20 real estate companies and business which construct, develop, market and delivery different types of business and residential villas, apartments, luxury condos, town houses and buildings will be exhibiting a wide range of products, services and properties to thousands of visitors.


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