The 7th Bego Sew Award Especially Honored Gamo Elders


The 7th Bego Sew award recognized its winners with a vibrant ceremony at Intercontinental Hotel, Addis Ababa on September 1, 2019. Ethiopian President Sahlework Zewde and other government officials attended the event.


Elders of Gamo received ‘special Bego Sew award’ for their intervention to prevent a mob attack on Oromo businesses in Gamo, Arba Minch. The incident happened in September 2018, after individuals believed to be Oromos attacked the Gamo minority in Burayu, Oromia. The attack in Burayu caused anger to youth in Gamo, and they planned to attack Cooperative Bank of Oromia, Arba Minch branch.


Despite the apparent risk to their safety and without any police or security personnel present, the Gamo elders and community leaders decided to act. Inserting themselves between the angry mob and the building, they raised their arms and called for calm. Others had freshly cut grass and were seen on their knees, begging youths to back off. In the end, the rioters obeyed and agreed to leave. Their actions touched the hearts of many.


Bego Sew Award, founded by Dn. Daniel Kibret, to honor people who have made, or are making, more significant contribution to Ethiopia and its people/society. This year people had been voting for weeks out of 291 nominees in 9 categories. In each group, three had left to become 27 candidates having a higher number of votes.


Accordingly, the winners are in the field of teaching Hiwot Woldemeskel, in the department of heritage and culture Abdelfattah Abdellah, and in the category of Science, Prof. Sebsibe Demissew.


Also in the Business and entrepreneurship sector Nega Bonger, in the Governmental and public works Girma Wondafrash, and In the category of humanitarian action, Dr.Abdulaziz Ibrahim had awarded.


Furthermore, from the diaspora Obang Metho, in the field of art Bezabih Abitew, and media/journalism Amare Aregawi had recognized.


On the congratulation message to the winners, president Sahlework Zewde said that the winners have been doing exemplary work and they should be proud of it.


Recall that, last year former president of Oromia Region and the current Minister of Defence Lemma Megerssa received ‘special Bego Sew award’ for his exceptional contribution to the political change in the country.