The Reformist Selected For The Top Job Of Somali Regional State; Mustafa M. Omer: Personal Impression PART I


By: Abdiaziz Ali

It was on Wednesday late August 2018 after we perform Assar prayer when a man whom we prayed together in a small mosque around the Ethiopian Customs Authority Area as well as close to my office I used to work, throw some words from his mouth like; Mustafe Cagjer Ayaa loo doortay madaxwaynihii deegaanka. I went back to my office and throw the words like a Reformist is selected for the top job of the region is on the air.  Then started to confirm and learned more about the news. I used the reformist word because it was the only shoes that was ready to wear in the capacity and what the job required at that time.  

After browsing, listening and calling insiders who were very close in the venue where the news coming intermittently and finally confirmed the news for good. Mr. President, I am very proud that you have been Selected from millions of able-bodied men and women to correct the slip-ups committed in the past by other leaders, to develop a region that is stunted. I have every courage that you rescued and repaired many things which even was beyond repair like simple Undo point you click. Community waited to receive you in the airport of success that you have landed to congratulate face to face and I was one of that but stacked in the main gate of the Garaad Will Waal Airport at that time. The thoughts and prayers of the community are still with you and wishing you best to continue discharge this big top job that you are selected.

Before the news of rescue mission came into air, from all kinds of the community waiting that day were singing hope songs in Somali music, like ‘’ SIDA BOOGA DHAYIHII WAAN KUGU BOGSOON LAHAA HAD IYO JEER BARIIDADA KAALA MAANAN BAYDHEEN”. Which is a very good message who would have to fill this capacity. So, that you are healing their wounds and expecting from you that you do nothing that can make the community turn around for you their ‘’Bariido’’ into your Administration you will assemble.



“LAMA HELO WADAADAW WAXAAN CIDI KU HAWSHOONE ‘’ was one of the words of the notorious Somali poems narrated by Abdilahi Sulthan(Timacade)

If one wanted a very soft melody should come to his/her ears that day; should have listen the one that, you and the community stacked in the venue skyrocketed by human rights abuses, filled with distress and live in a region that lags were exchanging and the song was like this; Community: WAXAAD IILA BILICTAHY BEERAHA WAJAALOO INTUU ROOB BARQADII DA’AY BALIYADA XAREEDIYO TOGAGII BURQANAYAA. BANJOOGTIIYO UGAADHII BILICDOODU YAABKANA BANDHIGAY SAMEEYEEN TAHAY SANNAD…. BARWAAQA AH, HABURBIRIN WACADKOO HA KABAQAN DHANKAYGEE BUR IGALA CULISIDE HABAYLIHIN KALGACALKEE.  Meaning that community was figuring out how they were courageous your arrival will be filled by peace and prosperity in the Region.

If I guess your answer to the community was like this; BAADIDA QOF BAA JIRA KULA BAAFINAAYOO; IN ILAAH KUU BIXIYANA KAAGALA BAKHAYLEE; HA UMALAYN BAXAAN BAXA BAR-BARKAYGA CAASHAGA INAAN BOOD FURAAYOO ADAAN KULA BALAMAYAA INAAN LABA BOGLEEYIYO…HA UMALAYN BAXAANBAXA BARBARKAYGA CAASHAQA INAAN BOODFURAAYOO ADAAN KULA BALLAMAYAA. Meaning you approved that, how you were not reserved to locate the missed (Baadida) in the first place and safeguarding it no to go out of the yard in bold language and will remain the Mustafe whom they knew in the battlefield and equipped with his very sharp pen during that time and not changing when he gets the steering wheel.

To cut a whole brief about my view how the air looked like that day, I will focus the rest of this letter to my personal impression about the Reformist selected for the top job of the Somali region; Mustafa M. Omer that I intended to share to the audience of this article, no doubt that many of the elite shares with me the same impression and they will measure their sooner or later. It is almost approaching six months since the Reformist came to office and I need to highlight my personal impression during his time in office so far.

Forming your Cabinet

For any government that is assembling its Cabinet members, this stage is the first heavy task that profiled your time in the office and becomes the main gate of all stockholders to your administration. I know It was at this stage where everyone concerned to the government you assembled envisaged from who you picked as a cabinet to surround you in your administration and the useful tool you used as an instrumental ‘’EDUCATION’’ of the defeating backward-looking ideas with better ones and become the real time that we learn more about Mustafe Omer

Mr. President, today the harvesting of the Sorghum of what a lot of people expecting so many days, months and even years, that they will cook some day in their already cooking pot and eat with very fresh milk is harvested.  In meantime, people expected to like this big change, are gathered now in the dining room to eat from the ‘’Xeedho’’ (dish) waited them in a very good-looking traditional Somali House (Laba daryaale) which you have installed  its Dhig and Udub meaning the one of the construction material of Somali traditional house, protected from ‘’Xarka and Aboorka’’ meaning the insect that demolishes woods, Cawsalool ( construction material) land which the sun cannot make out of use and protect the leakage of the water during rainy season and the  very beautiful ‘’kabad’’ one of decorations materials in Somali traditional house.

There is an economic term which says let all other things remain unchanged. Let the equation of power share formula remain unchanged, but I am indebted that you built an administration filled by human intel from an elite pool of different clans in the region and create an atmosphere of peace and prosperity without leaving one behind or distrustfully. Moreover; President Mustafa nominated a group of elites for his advisors of different sectors of the government from Humanitarian advisor to Social Affairs to Security and Social and the like. These Advisors he nominated shows that how and the president is far from the ill-fated things of clannish politics and I do agree in these things.


There was a serious human abuse that was shadowed in the air they breathe every day. No doubts that you came to power to heal the wounds of the community who were seeking help to those who added their wounds a salt, not to mention their position of receiving the community as their patient in the first place. The community decided to heal their wounds by themselves and cried like this; RUUX AAN II BEERNAXAYN INTAAN U BAROORAN LAHAA; NAFYAHAY BOGSO OO LADNAW ADIGU BOOGAHAAGA DHAYO the very beautiful lyrics of Ifrah Hargeisa Song. Meaning ‘’ instead you cry in front of day hard cruel atmosphere to heal your wound; you my soul recover and heal your self too.

Meaning of the above cry, you were one of the communities who cried like that and the time that all the souls of the Region waited has come. You Opposed those who remained defiant by the call of their patient. Hopefully, you are in the days you supposed to heal the wounds of the Community damaged by the previous regimes. The community is celebrating these days, and seeing of an administration preserved by full of human rights, developed region, engaged citizens and well-equipped hospital to heal their wounds and forwarded the big atmosphere filled by security, peace, and prosperity.


Like the women who was sitting in Tahreer Square for almost 18 days and talked to the press (Aljazeera) when Husni Mubarak resigned from top job of Egypt because of the cause that many young man and women paid their price up to the death and Mursi came to power; said ‘’ Today it is like that I can breathe fresh air for the first time’’ the same applied to all who paid their price in all means that justified ends of their cause that day. And not only the ordinary people

When it comes to Democracy race that started the from the epicenter of the resignation of Former prime minister Haile Mariam from the top job of the Ethiopian Country and started running when his successor of Prime Minister Abyi Ahmed gets the wheel and matured in the Somali Region when president Mustafa.  Like any other time, Jigjig’s talking point nowadays is Forming political parties, supporting other existing parts and political and civil service reform and this is coming under the leadership of President Mustafe as he declared political reform as one of his pledges during his time in the office.

Stay tuned for the next part

Very Best,

Abdiaziz Ali is an Educationalist, Campaigner, and Child Right Advocate. Mr. Ali lives Jigjiga, Ethiopia and can be reached thru [email protected].