Wegen Fund – the First Ethiopian Crowd Funding Online Platform


Given that charity is such an important aspect of the Ethiopian way of life, a platform as efficient as an online crowd funding would thrive in the country. Wegen Fund is doing just that. Created to cater to the specific Ethiopian need, Wegen Fund has now been launched.

On their very interactive and easy-to-use website, the user can see what causes are ongoing, follow up on how much of the causes’ aimed money has been collected through donations, support those causes, or even create a new cause altogether. 

Recent causes featured on the website include a project to aid orphans in the war ravaged areas of the country to an elders’ association that looks into sustainable sources of income for the elderly and an initiative that works with sex works who want to leave that life. Organizations (NGOs and charities) can also register and raise funds through the service.


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