Why is Mustafa Omer striving to hold the Top Leadership of the ESPDP?


April 2, 2019
By: Abdiaziz Ali

Following the removal of Abdi Illey the federal government organized a big forum in Addis Ababa by inviting all kinds of people from different walks of life representing the Somali region. The representatives attended to deliberate in rescuing the region and protecting it from a power vacuum.

In this forum the Current Somali Regional Acting President, Mustafa Omer was Selected from millions of able-bodied men and women to correct the slip-ups committed in the past by this predecessors, to develop a region that is stunted.

After that meeting, Mustafa Came to Jigjiga and got the approval of the Somali Regional parliament. After that, he was escorted into the Region’s Presidential Palace where he started his work. The moment Mustafa got the office he told his top agendas, as stated by him ” I will be in the Office only two years that is what I have agreed with the federal government. During these two years, I will do four things Civil Service Reform, Political Reform, Police Reform and restoring the reputation of the Region.

Many Factors Contribute to reach these Agendas, and it needs to have at least the last word of every platform that matters for the implementation of these Agendas, and In a conventional sense, everyone can guess what it needs to do to reach your Agendas without hesitation.

For example, when Abiy came to power, he said that he would support political reform and we know where he drafted every move of his days in the office is within the Party and aware how being the Chairman of the EPRDF helped to bring many agendas into the table. Imagine if he were not the member and the Chairman of the Coalition he would have not even carry his plans on the table.

Therefore, the party is where every move of the Region is formulated. So that, the same applies to Mustafa, and unless he does not become the member of the ESPDP and hold the Chairman of the party, he cannot even imagine thinking about these political agendas let alone to bring it to the table.
Abdiaziz Ali
Abdiaziz Ali is an Educationist, Humanitarian, Campaigner, and Child Right Advocate. Mr. Ali lives Jigjiga, Ethiopia and can be reached through [email protected]