Office of The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Appointed Billene Seyoum As Its Press Secretary


The office of the prime minister of Ethiopia gave its first press briefing to local and international media in Ethiopia for the very first time after being restructured under Press Secretary. The Prime Minister appointed prominent women rights advocate, author, and poet Billene Seyoum as its first press secretary.

During her first Q&A with journalists, Billene focused on two major topics. The first was introducing a one-pager government priority dashboard with eleven key points. The one-page note was prepared by the Council of Ministers on Nov. 3, 2018, themed “Ethiopia: A New Horizon of Hope.”

The second topic the press secretary was focused on clarifying the structure and working areas of the new press secretary office. The newly appointed press secretary highlighted the Prime Minister’s commitment to bringing more transparency and access to media. Some of the questions that were raised from journalists during the press briefing include the frequency of the press briefing, access to the PM tours, establishment of an online database to access archives and so on. In response to the questions, the press secretary focused on assuring the office will be addressing the topics with details in the coming few days.

As we mentioned on our tweet despite having the opportunity to attend the press secretary briefing we were not allowed to carry our phones. While understanding the security precaution we would like to urge the press secretary to be mindful of the 21st century leading media platform which is our mobile.

Finally in-order to keep updated with the press secretary info’s please follow the following Twitter account.