OLF Shene killed eight civilians, including the family of former Oromia Regional State President Alemayehu Atomsa


According to Zonal administration,three brothers of the former Oromia Regional State Chief Alemayehu Atomsa brutally killed along with eight civilians.

The terrorist group carried out the attack in Konchi Kebele, Nono Benja Woreda, Jimma Zone, around 15:30 on December 25, 2021. The members of Alemayehu Atomsa’s family, Adeba Atomsa, Tilinti Atomsa and Msoto Atomsa, were killed by the terrorist group, Benja Woreda Deputy Administrator Berecha Teku told OBN.

The former Oromia Regional State President Alemayehu Atomsa was one of the prominent figures of the Oromo people’s liberation struggle. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Alemayehu and his family,” he said.

According to the deputy administration, nine barns of maize and several piles of teff were among the crops that were burnt.

Residents of Nono Benja woreda staged a peaceful protest against the terrorist act.


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