Tactical areas of Gashena is under the control of the Ethiopian Government


Since the PM took a measure on leading the national defense force unprecedented victories have been taken on. In recent events, the national defense force-controlled several areas in the Afar and Amhara regions including Kasagita, Chifra, and Burka, waima, Chiftu, Alelesuluma towns in the east front. 

In the series of battles, troops led by the PM have been able to control critical strategic areas the war had touched on. 

The Gashena front, a location that can optimize the control of the Amhara region is located in the highest ground that can be a doorway to areas of Lalibela, Weldiya, and Dessie. towns that are under the control of TPLF. 

On this front towns like Gashena, Arbit, Aket, and yedabo are now under the control of the national defense force. The towns have been destroyed and used as weaponry stock and fortress by vandalizing the civilians to take part in the action of the rebels. mentioned spokesperson of the government communication service

Following this victory in several towns the national defense force took control, many weapons have been found and surrendered.

On the Arelu front towns like Jama Degolo, Genete, Finchoftu, Akesa towns have been conquered by the government with the help of the Amhara militia and fano.

Considering the length of time the national defense rigorously takes part, additional success was also undeniable in the  Shewa front Mezezo, Molale, and Shewarobit have been controlled.