Wubshet Werkalemahu : The Pioneer of Ethiopian Advertisement

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Ethiopian advertisement icon Wubshet Werkalemahu funeral took place on the Holy Trinity Cathedral church today.

Wubshet Werkalemahu, the pioneer of Ethiopian Advertisement, had died Friday, February 28, 2020. A father of two, Wubshet, was born in, Mafud the province Yifat September 1938. Woubshet made his name on Advertisement business early days of his childhood. He continued his work after he came to Addis Abeba, and The National Lottery was his primary Customer. He went all over the country to sell lottery tickets. “I used to have one donkey – I loaded a bag of money on the donkey’s back and marched down along Churchill Avenue telling people that they better buy and take a chance,” he said ones.

After he got his diploma from the Netherlands in a creative advertisement, he made a name for himself as a talented advertiser. His company, Ambesa, was the first and only Advertisement Company in Ethiopia for many years. His Philips commercial was a hit. The ad still gives nostalgia for many people now. “I remember that commercial like it was yesterday. You don’t get to hear that kind of commercials back then. His voice was something else,”said Tigiest, who used to know him from Television.

Several private advertising companies came After Ambesa. They insist Woubshet paved the road for them. Woubshet is also behind many who involved in advertising and promotion.

Woubshet also served as president of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and as a member of the public diplomacy team on different occasions. He was also a member of the Red Cross society and made a strong effort on blood donation campaigns. He played a part in arranging a telethon in conjunction with his workmates with the intention to rehabilitate the victims.

Many adore him by his speeches and by his public appearances. He got a gold medal from Emperor Haile Selassie to his service. He also received a lifetime achievement award from the Guma award.