Thousands rally all over the world in support of a movement “no more” to unite a nation 


International protests against foreign interference in the current conflict in Ethiopia took part in 27 countries from South Africa to the Washington DC White House.

Rallies are exceeding throughout US and EU with proficiency to support the Ethiopian nation to solve its current outbreaks without the interference of the international communities and media.

“The Ethiopian community is in town today to tell the United States and the government that we have voted for that they are essentially starting the drums of war,” said Ted Hailu, a rally participant. “There are issues in Ethiopia, but we can solve it ourselves. We are here to say please stop. We can solve our own issues.”

People across the world joined in the rally Saturday, with demonstrations being held in Canada, New York, and outside the White House in Washington DC.

The protesters called on the United States to reconsider its policy of dividing Ethiopia, particularly in the Horn of Africa.

Although the conflict in Ethiopia has made headlines over the last year, the two forces still haven’t found a peaceful pattern to negotiate. 

Advocates for people in the Tigray and Oromo regions are asking Canada to help protect their safety and ensure humanitarian groups are allowed to enter the region.

The context of the protest on the United States to refrain from pursuing a false policy, citing Ethiopia’s stance on African independence, the return of invaders, and the fact that it is not a colony of black people alone.

Demonstrators call on President Biden’s administration to recognize that supporting the TPLF terrorist group poses a threat not only to Ethiopia but also to the Horn of Africa and the entire continent.

Earlier in the day, protesters in Israel and the United Kingdom denounced the use of force by members of the opposition and the government’s crackdown on dissent.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on his part thanked the patriotic people living abroad for their support for the unity of the country.





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